Research and Results

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What are the results with the Tomatis® Method?

resultats-recherche-tomatisIn addition to the positive results achieved with our clients and which have made our reputation, our method has also proven its effectiveness scientifically. The research continues to grow as the areas of application of the method are extended. Indeed, the
acoustic sensory message plays a key role in the development of the individual and as a result connects to a broad range of disorders. The scientific partners with whom we work include several public bodies (ministries, research institutes, hospitals) as well as universities, specialized associations and foundations. Their involvement ensures the objectivity and reliability of the results presented for you in a non-exhaustive overview in the following tables.

Etude du Centre Ross-Swain (Californie) TAPS subtests(Test of Auditory Perceptual Skills) Pre / Post (%)
Ross-Swain (The Swain Center) reviewed the pre / post treatment testing results of 41 selected clients that had Auditory Processing Problems which can affect listening comprehension. After sessions of Tomatis® listening program, the results show a strong increase of ability to use memory to better listening and communicate.
Auditory Processing Overall
Auditory Discrimination
Auditory Memory, digits
Auditory Memory, digits reversed
Auditory Memory, words
Auditory Memory, sentences
Auditory Processing
Following Directions
8.4 / 58.3
14.2 / 68.1
9.7 / 46.0
19.1 / 37.4
12.2 / 48.5
16.4 / 53.4
23.2 / 56.6
31.3 / 66.5