Frequently Asked Questions

The most frequently reported findings of Tomatis® Consultants and Practitioners by parents are an improvement in the following areas:

  • The quality of the voice (spoken and sung)
  • concentration
  • comprehension
  • The ability to communicate
  • reading
  • Oral and written expression
  • The gesture address
  • Independence
  • General behavior improvements (calm, open, etc …)
References to the Tomatis® Method are very numerous throughout the world, because its reputation brings trust to customers; Unfortunately, the products sold are often only a distant relation with the works of Alfred Tomatis.
CDs that refer to Tomatis® are often nothing more than compilations of musical works, more or less well done, that can not produce the effects of the Tomatis® Method insofar as the subject listening Does not benefit from the functions of the Electronic Ear with “Tomatis® Effect”.
These very specific functions allow, thanks to the electronic alternation as well as the air and bone conductions, to work on listening, on the lateral hearing, on spatialization, on accommodation, on precession, Analysis of the sounds and finally on the audio-vocal loop.